The Role of an Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer is a professional who specializes in guiding clients through the process of obtaining a visa in the United States. They help people apply for immigrant and non-immigrant visas, and they can also help clients apply for special program visas, such as student visas. Immigration lawyers work for both companies and individual clients, but they often serve a dual purpose. They help people immigrate to the United States for various reasons, including work, study, and family reasons.

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An immigration lawyer can guide clients through the complex immigration process. The process is never simple, and a mistake could lead to deportation or application denial. A knowledgeable immigration attorney can help navigate the process by identifying the right visa and overcoming any obstacles. An immigration lawyer can also represent the client in court if needed. Immigration lawyers are often members of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association (AIAL), a professional organization for immigration lawyers. Members have access to resources, information, and colleagues, as well as liaison committees that help immigration attorneys deal with challenging situations.

Another role of an immigration lawyer is to assist clients with obtaining a green card. There are several paths to obtaining a green card, including the sponsorship of a family member or employer. Newmarket’s top immigration lawyer can assist with the preparation of all necessary paperwork, and represent the client at important meetings with USCIS. Once the process is completed, the client can receive his or her green card and live a life in the United States. It is important to hire a competent immigration attorney who can guide the process step-by-step.